Our Mission

The goal of the Centre is to carry out educational processes to increase and improve state tax authorities employees` level of knowledge and professionalism, to provide knowledge to master their experience and management skills, working skills with new technical means, as well as to implement educational processes to ensure adaptation to the ever-changing and evolving working environment.

The Training Centre provides additional education on tax administration and scientific research on the tax system.


Activities of the Center

  • The main activities of the Center are following:
  • Conducts training on taxation for tax authorities` employees, persons working in other government bodies and organizations, individuals, as well as carries out scientific research of the tax system.
  • Ensures the development of education and also provide scientific research on the tax system;
  • Conducts scientific research of tax system and additional education in the field of tax, as well as in the implementation of normative activities in the field of tax legislation and administration;
  • Operates in other areas defined by law.


Duties of the Center

  • Research the training needs of the tax authorities in their areas of activity and the compliance of the additional education organized in these areas with those needs;
  • Ensuring compliance of the content, form, quality, and organization of additional education with the requirements established by relevant legal acts;
  • Organize the educational process at a high level using different forms of education;
  • Ensure the use of modern teaching methods, tools, and information technologies in the educational process;
  • Organize the assessment of the knowledge and skills of the participants in additional training by modern methods;
  • Issue an educational document (certificate) approved by the State Tax Service based on the assessment of knowledge and skills at the end of additional education in the field of tax administration for employees of tax authorities, other government agencies and organizations, as well as individuals;
  • Ensure that provided training is evaluated and that the results are taken into account in the planning and organization of additional education;
  • Implement appropriate measures to improve training skills of professionals involved in additional training as trainers;
  • Increase opportunities for independent learning and uninterrupted education of tax officials, as well as arrange preparation of training materials that meet the requirements of the training process;
  • Organize the process of researching the present-day demands of tax authorities in order to determine the main lines and topics of scientific research in the field of additional education on taxation and scientific research on tax system;
  • Organize scientific research on tax system and tax policy, as well as on improving the methodological framework for the activities of tax authorities and additional education in the field of tax administration;
  • Ensure smooth functioning of the official website of the Center, including posting information and updates in the relevant field on the page, monitoring the relevance (reliability) of the information, making necessary changes, preparing and adding new information;
  • Ensure the proper use of budget and other financial resources allocated to the Center;
  • Ensure the protection of trade (tax) secrets, other information and official information prohibited by law to be disclosed in accordance with the legislation;
  • Prepare reports on the results of the work done in the form prescribed by the Ministry of Taxes and accordingly submit them to the management of the ministry in a timely manner;
  • Carry out tasks arising from norm-setting activities in the field of additional education on taxation and scientific research on tax system;
  • Perform other duties provided by law in accordance with the areas of activity.